FOSSCOMM 2013 – Event Report

FOSSCOMM, probably the biggest conference about FOSS in Greece took place in Athens this year.  Fedora had an awesome presence like always.

Saturday morning, we set up our booth. Our two roller-up banners with the 4F’s proved to be a major asset. Everyone could find F18 Multi-Desktop DVDs, Greek Support Flyers, as well as vinyl stickers with the Fedora logo in our booth. We also had demo laptops, one of them with a fresh install of F19 Alpha where one could taste some of the new features in the next version of Fedora. Our two XO OLPCs, running Fedora Remixes with the Sugar DE attracted many people; it was notable that some of them were already aware of the OLPC Project, so we had to answer slighly more technical or in-depth questions.

In the evening, we had Christos and Dimitris in the main amphitheatre present the Fedora Community and having a quick look at the features of the upcoming Fedora, F19. Later on, Nestos made a guest star appearance on stage, dressed up in a penguin suit!! He then moved around a bit, giving hugs and waving to people.


Me and Dimitris at the booth


Christos and Dimitris on stage. Nestos coming right in!

The second day, we had to re-set up our booth like the previous time. On Sunday, we didn’t have any presentations, however “reinforcements” with additional Fedora contributors from Athens arrived to aid in the booth. A lot of people gathered periodically in our booth, asking general or detailed questions about Fedora; by the end of the day, we had given away all the Multi-Desktop DVDs and nearly all our vinyl stickers, which turned out to be very popular. All in all, six (6) registered Fedora contributors stayed in the booth both das, though we also had other people (who were, “unofficial” let’s say, Fedora contributors) helping out in the booth.

65187_10200544086898890_465714561_n (1)

Fedora & Red Hat ❤

All in all, FOSSCOMM was great this year and we (the Greek Fedora contributors) had a great time together, promoting our favourite project and the idea of FOSS in general. See you on next FOSSCOMM 🙂


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