openSUSE Conference 2013 – Event Report

openSUSE Conference 2013 was an international event which took place here in Thessaloniki, Greece and was filled with many many interesting talks and workshops. Mozilla was listed as a “community partner” at the event. We had an awesome booth, like always, specialized in Firefox OS.

On Thursday, we checked-in at the venue and registered ourselves for the event. We were later shown the place to set-up our booth. Me and Christos started making plans for the next day, on how to organise our booth properly and distribute our swag. I had also borrowed Christos’ Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone temporarily in order to play around with it, to test it and train myself on the basics.


Me and Christos at the booth.

We set out on Friday morning with Christos and arrived at the venue by car. We carried around our equipment and swag; within minutes we had set-up the Mozilla booth. In terms of hardware, we had our laptops, our FxOS developer preview phone and a 22″ LCD screen pointing at We were joined later by Marios Isaakidis, a fellow Mozilla Rep, who had also another FxOS phone and was added to our booth. A lot of people came to our booth and kept asking more info about Firefox OS; since most of them were foss contributors and already knew their way around, we were asked more detailed and technical questions about how things are going “under the hood”. Thanks to our FxOS phones, we were able to deliver a hands-on experience to the attendees and were not just limited to plain words. Moreover, our Firefox stickers appeared to be very popular… we also provided the organization committee with firefox lanyards so that each attendant was also given a firefox lanyard along with his ID card upon registration.



Me and Marios showing the FxOS phones 😛

On Sunday, Christos Bacharakis gave an interesting talk about Firefox OS. It lasted around 30 minutes… there was also an extra 10-15 minutes for questions that were asked by the attendees. For those who missed Christos’ talk, you can find it here (unfortunately you might notice some recording issues on that video).


Christos Bacharakis on stage.

On Monday there were only a few talks and the event lasted for only a few hours. We stayed at the booth like the previous days. Once the event was finished, we packed up our stuff and left. Later that day, we joined other contributors at a taverna. 😉

To summarise, this was my first event as a Mozilla Rep… being responsible for organizing a participation in such an event made me feel kinda anxious since I wanted everything to be in perfect order, but hey it seems I over-reacted, everything went smooth and we had an awesome participation! We also have had 8 potential new contributors recruited at this event! I’m now getting ready for my upcoming events as a Mozilla Rep. Hooray! 😀


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