Introduction to Firefox OS @ fossaegean – Event Report

Back here again with another report for our Mozilla-related activities so far which took place in Samos island, Greece. As I’m currently attending university there I could simply not miss the chance to spread the word about free software and promote our mission as well.

I’m now part of the Free & Open Source Society of the University of the Aegean (aka fossaegean), a local group open to university students who are using and promoting free software. Within that group we’ve organised a couple events so far and we’re aiming to host an event every week (each Saturday to be precise). Two of those events in the last two months were Mozilla-related:

  • The first one was a warm-up meetup of the core members who’re running fossaegean. We had the chance to co-ordinate on future activities and make plans. Nothing special to mention except that during the meetup I had the chance to quickly showcase Firefox OS using the Keon phone.
  • Introduction to Firefox OS. Last month, I held a 30-35 minute talk in my university about Firefox OS. It was organised by fossaegean and the event was merely an introduction to the platform, but apart from the talk I also had the chance to present the Firefox OS Simulator to the students (they don’t have real fxos devices at the moment) and played around with it by performing basic tasks. Of course, I invited everyone in the end to have a look on how it’s running on real hardware by using my Keon phone. I could see around 35-40 people who actually attended the event (it’s a good number). It was held prior to the Firefox OS Launch in Greece and I was pretty happy to see that some of the attendants already knew one or two things about Firefox OS and came to hear more. Some of them also expressed the wish to have it ported to their devices. I’d like to mention again that we’re in a Department of ICT Engineering, so students here can possibly make things happen with the right guidance. And we certainly hope that πŸ˜‰

Introduction to Firefox OS @ fossaegean

Kudos to Antonis Tzorvas who helped me run the events. Antonis is a technical IT guy, a fellow student and a friend who is very passionate about free software and willing to contribute to Mozilla as well. Together we’ve brought fossaegean back to life again and we’re running all those interesting sessions. Current plans for future Mozilla events are:

  • In-Depth Presentation of Firefox OS: Getting to know more about Firefox OS, the platform itself, its’ architecture, Web Apps, etc.
  • Mozilla Webmaker: We’re to run a couple of sessions and familiarise students with writing HTML/CSS pages.
  • Web App Development (distant future): We aim in forming a team of passionate people who’re interesting in creating web apps for Firefox OS. We could ceertainly work together on implementing some ideas.

The sure thing is that we’ve still a lot of stuff to do but I think we’ve made a good start. Students often stop me when they spot me going somewhere on foot (know that the town of Karlovasi in Samos, where our Department of the University of the Aegean is located, is very small in size and in population with all people knowing each other) and they keep asking me a lot of questions about Mozilla and how they could possibly get involved; of course I’m extremely happy about that! πŸ˜€ This encourages me to continue what I’ve been doing all the time. I’ll get back to you again once we’ve done more stuff in the island, stay tuned. πŸ™‚


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