Hey everyone, I’m Giannis (a.k.a. John in English) Konstantinidis from Greece. I’m a proud supporter and promoter of Free/Open Source Software, spreading the word almost wherever I go! I’ve been a member of the Fedora Project since late 2009, when I joined in that time as a 14 yrs. old Fedora Ambassador. Later on I became a member of the Greek Localization Team as well. Since then, I’ve been organising and attending various F/OSS-related events here in Greece. I’m also a Mozilla Rep; I’m acting as a liaison, voiding the gap between the general public and Mozilla, promoting our mission and our vision for the open web, organising and attending related events, etc.

Since September 2013, I’ve moved from Thessaloniki to the beautiful island of Samos, as I’m currently an undergraduate student studying ICT Engineering @ the University of the Aegean.

F/OSS-related Activities

  • Fedora Ambassador in Greece
  • Fedora Localization Contributor in Greece
  • Fedora Greek Edu Remix Co-Maintainer
  • Mozilla Representative
  • Free & Open Source Society – University of the Aegean – Core Member


  • Private E-mail: giannis(at)konstantinidis(dot)cc
  • Fedora E-mail: giannisk(at)fedoraproject(dot)org
  • Blog: http://konstantinidis.cc
  • IRC:
    • giannisk on irc.freenode.net @ #fedora, #fedora-el, #fedora-ambassadors, #kde, #ellak, #hsgr,
    • giannisk on irc.mozilla.org @ #remo

Should you have any f/oss-related questions or issues, feel free to let me know.

Social Networks

You can find me on the above social networks.


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